Providing support for all those living with and affected by cancer with an emphasis on black people and people of colour

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We are a non-profit charity ogranization.

At Cancer Black Care, we pride ourselves on being a pillar of support, understanding, and empowerment for the black community facing cancer challenges in the UK. Our work goes beyond providing medical assistance; it's about creating a sense of belonging, fostering resilience, and championing the strength of every individual we serve. With our volunteers and programs, we've impacted over half a million lives, making a daily difference.

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Cancer information and support

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, we're here to help.

Cancer Types

Find out about the different types of cancer, including risk factors, symptoms, tests and treatment.

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Uncover a spectrum of therapeutic options, blending conventional medical approaches with holistic wellness practices.

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Easily schedule an appointment with our specialists. Ensure timely consultations, screenings, or counseling.

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Our Community

Engage with our vibrant community. Share stories, seek guidance, or participate in support groups and workshops.

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How we can help you?

In the journey through cancer, understanding and empathy are just as crucial as medical care. At Cancer Black Care, we understand that every individual's journey is unique, requiring a blend of emotional, informational, and community support. Our principles are rooted in the deep appreciation of these unique journeys, and our commitment is to ensure no one feels alone in their battle. Through dedicated service, expertise, and a genuine desire to make a difference, we strive to provide an environment where hope thrives, and resilience is celebrated.

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Empower lives with your donation

Every donation, regardless of its size, plays a pivotal role in our mission at Cancer Black Care. By contributing, you're not just giving funds, but granting hope, strength, and an extended hand of support to those in need.

  • Direct Impact: Your funds reach those in need.
  • Community Empowerment: Strengthening community bonds.
  • Transparent Operations: Know where your money goes.
  • Tax Benefits: Potential tax deductions for you.

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Cancer Types

Discover information about various cancer forms, their symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods tailored for your well-being.

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Explore a range of therapeutic methods designed to support physical, emotional, and mental well-being throughout the cancer journey.

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Dive into our most recent articles and updates, shedding light on our endeavors, stories from the community, and insights into the world of cancer care and support.

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